Free Manchester Virtual Tour: Where do YOU want to visit?

Have you been keeping up to date with our free virtual tour of Manchester?

Over on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, we’ve been posting regular videos out and about in different areas of Manchester, showing viewers around the city.

Manchester is an amazing place, with many different areas and aspects to discover. We know that not everyone gets the chance to visit Manchester, so we wanted to bring Manchester to them in the form of free videos which we call our virtual tour.

So far, we’ve made over 200 free virtual tour videos and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon…

That’s where YOU come into it. We want your help to find some of YOUR favourite locations in Manchester.

Maybe you have a favourite pub that you’d like to re-visit? A nice area where you like to walk your dog? The very venue that you got married in? Or maybe you have a museum or attraction that you’d like to publicise?

We need your help to make a collection of videos to showcase our great region, involving the places you want to see!

If you have a location request for our next video, please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see what we can do!

Thank you!

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