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Manchester Walks

Looking for a family day outdoors in Manchester?

With all of the hustle and bustle of the city centre, it’s easy to forget that Manchester has some beautiful destinations, perfect for taking long scenic walks.

Peak District

Here in Manchester, we’re limited with the amount of sunshine we get (or just good weather in general), but when those times do come around, there’s no better way to spend hot summers days than heading outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a challenging mountain hike or a quiet stroll, there’s plenty of stunning scenery to take in, in and around Greater Manchester.

We’re in close proximity to the Peak District, home to one of the most stunning national parks in the country. It really is the most perfect place to take a stroll, get in touch with nature and appreciated the breath-taking views. It attracts millions of visitors each year, and there’s a good reason for that. You won’t be disappointed by the stunning landscape setting that you’ll see from being situated about 1,000 feet, but if that’s not enough then why not take the walk to the highest point of the Peak District, Kinder Scout which is up a huge 2,087 feet.

Situated on the edge of the Peak District, Dovestone Reservoir is another great location which lies on Saddleworth Moor in Oldham. It is the largest of all three reservoirs in Greenfield Valley, and there are a number of different enjoyable walks around the area, that take you across the picturesque landscape.

Dovestone Reservoir

Amongst the beauty of the scenery surrounding Dovestone Reservoir, the main area has its own sailing club, a permanent orienteering course and plenty of open land to really explore. There’s more than enough easily accessible paths to ensure that the journey you take is as enjoyable as possible, and an unimaginable amount of open space free for you to sit back, relax, take in the surroundings and maybe enjoy a picnic.

Another brilliant walk in the Peak District is the Mam Tor Ridge, in which you can take in the scenery of the Edale Valley. It’s an easy walk and takes you over the Mam Tor, the most incredible hill in the whole area. As you walk through the valleys and then eventually over Lose Hill, you have plenty of time to admire and appreciate all of the natural history surrounding the area, not to mention its beautiful panoramic views.

Beautiful scenery might not be something that is usually closely associated with Manchester, but you really don’t have to look far to find it. The above few mentioned are just a selection amongst many different attractive walks in and around Manchester. If this is something you’re interested in, we’d highly recommend the Peak District for all of your outdoor adventures. The best thing about spending a day outdoors appreciating the views is that it’s a great day out for all the family – whether it be entertaining the kids during school holidays or taking the dog for a walk – and it doesn’t cost a penny.

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