Discover the historical importance of football in Manchester

Discover the historical importance of football in Manchester

Manchester might be home to the richest football club in the world, but it hasn’t always been so glamorous. Before the industrial revolution, people found that football was a route out of poverty and very laborious jobs. As the fastest-growing city in the industrial revolution, Manchester’s population grew substantially and became the ideal place for football clubs to form.


Manchester is the home of the first professional football league, founded in 1888. The city has a wealth of football history, largely documented in a football museum with over 100,0000 artefacts. There are many locations and landmarks to visit to understand the importance of football in the city, and how it helped shape the sport into what it is today.

A Manchester football history tour for blues and reds

One of the most common questions asked when visiting Manchester is ‘are you a red or a blue?’. On a Manchester taxi tour, you don’t have to favour either team. Our tours can take you to both stadiums, and all of the historical landmarks that played a part in forming the teams and some of the most iconic players within them.


Our tour takes you back to the 1840s when leisure time began turning into a profession and a business. We can explore the highs and lows of City and United, all on a Manchester Taxi Tour.

A Manchester football history tour for blues and reds

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How our Manchester football history tour works

Once your tour has been booked and arranged, we will pick you up from an arranged location in our electric black cab before embarking on a 3-4 hours tour of the city centre.


We are not strict on time, nor are we strict on the tour itinerary. If there are certain landmarks or topics that you would like us to cover in detail, please let us know when you book your tour.

To enquire about our availability, please contact us here.

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