Sunday Mirror Travel: "The best way to see everything is to take a taxi tour with John Consterdine"

Manchester Taxi Tours appeared in Sunday Mirror’s travel column this weekend.

The newspaper mention comes as our latest bit of media recognition, following Sunday Mirror’s travel journalist Claire Murphy’s very own tour of the city with Manchester Taxi Tours.

The tour was tailored towards the Salford Quays area, with a focus on LS Lowry. Highlighting the best parts of Salford, and commenting on the highly accessible features of our comfortable taxis, the write-up reads:

“The best way to see everything is to take a taxi tour with John Consterdine, an award-winning cabbie with a Jedi mind full of facts and gossip about seemingly every street or building. You can pile your whole family (even a wheelchair) into the back of John’s cab and have a bespoke trip to wherever you want to go.”

Manchester Taxi Tours offers custom tours which can follow the footsteps of LS Lowry himself, taking you on a tour to see what he saw, where he lived, studied and worked.

Click here for more information on our LS Lowry Taxi Tour.

The Sunday Mirror article was published this Sunday (25th September), and you can read the full write-up below:

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