Manchester Taxi Tours’ John Consterdine talks Managers2Leaders

Earlier this year, Manchester Taxi Tours’ John Consterdine attended a course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

As the owner of a small business, John took it upon himself to better his skills as a leader, by attending MMU’s Managers2Leaders course. The course promises to “create an opportunity for all small business managers to access the same powerful experiences”.

Following a previous course he had attended at MMU, John shared his experience of the Managers2Leaders course, saying: “It was just a natural progression for me to keep at the university and keep my brain working to come on this management course, and I found it really fantastic meeting new people, and the education side of things.

“It gives you a different perspective on how you look at your business, and seeing other people’s businesses. The strengths of the course are multifaceted , there’s a whole range of different skills, strategies and things that you learn. It’s given me a great view on how I view my work/life balance, and how I can give myself some leisure time and also some work time, trying to be more productive.”

John revealed that the course gave him a huge insight and more in-depth knowledge of how businesses work, and would recommend it to just about anybody.

To hear more about John’s experience, check out the video below:

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