Manchester Taxi Tours’ John Consterdine features in Boston Globe

Manchester Taxi Tours, as seen in Boston Globe…

Our very own taxi driver and tour guide was interviewed by the Boston Globe recently, for an article all about the difference between traditional taxi companies like us and the newcomers on the market, such as Uber.

“When the rideshare company Uber (he pronounces it “YOO-ber”) came to Manchester, Consterdine had a backup plan: In addition to driving his iconic black taxi for the usual fares, he uses it to take visitors around on guided tours.

“You want to really be with someone who knows about the city, don’t you? Who knows a little bit more than the Average Joe,” he said.

While they’ve finally started offering convenience, deals, and discounts, taxis still have trouble matching Lyft and Uber on one all-important element: cost.

But John Consterdine, in Manchester, thinks they’re worth the price.

“You get a varied degree of knowledge from the people who drive the Uber cars,” he said. “What we can give you is insight.””

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We also recently made an appearance in a short film with the Vaga Brothers. Watch it below:

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